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Population Density Data


  • Service APIs for “Population Density Data” (see
  • It provides the customer with the ability to:
    • The service enables developers with the capability to get dynamic population density data in a specific area for a future date&time, considering anonymized information of the network connected devices in the requested area at the flight time.
      • Use Case (1): Providing BVLOS flight the data to meet SORA 2.5 requirements in terms of intrinsic Ground Risk Class (iGRC).
      • Use Case (2): Providing data to identify if the ground risk class for a given drone flight is acceptable for the time of the flight, or an alternative time should be considered to lower the risk.
    • Service Inputs: Area of the interest. Date & time (future) range.
    • Service Outputs: maximum, average and minimum population density value for the given area, and interval corresponding to the valid range of that value. (space and time maps).
    • NOTE: The scope of this API family should be limited (at least at a first stage) to 4G and 5G.
  • Describe, develop, document and test the APIs (with 1-2 Telcos)
  • Started: December 2023
  • Location: virtually


Status and released versions

    • Note: Please be aware that the project will have frequent updates to the main branch. There are no compatibility guarantees associated with code in any branch, including main, until a new release is created. For example, changes may be reverted before a release is created. For best results, use the latest available release.
    • This API is under Work In Progress, no Alpha or stable releases are available by this time

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