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  • Guidelines and assets for “Commonalities” (see
  • All deliverables are mandatory for all CAMARA Sub Projects
  • Describe, develop, document and test the deliverables
  • Started: October 2021
  • Location: virtually

Documents for CAMARA Sub Projects

The documents that are relevant for CAMARA API Sub Projects are found in the documentation directory (at the top-level). The rest of the sub-directories are primarily for internal working of the Commonalities Working Group.

The artifacts directory contains:

Frequently-accessed output documents


A list of some of the frequently accessed documents that are an output of the work done in the Commonalities Working Group is provided below. Note that the links are relative to the branch selected. Refer to the section below for released versions.

Document name Purpose This document captures guidelines for the API design in CAMARA project. These guidelines are applicable to every API to be worked out under the CAMARA initiative. Template for documenting the APIs A checklist that describes the minimum criteria for considering an API Ready Guidelines for API Subprojects on making releases A glossary of the common terms and their API parameter/field names for use in the APIs Guidelines for the API testing in CAMARA project

Status and released versions

  • Release 0.3.0 of guidelines and assets for CAMARA APIs is available within the release-0.3.0 branch:
  • Release 0.2.0 of guidelines and assets for CAMARA APIs is available within the release-0.2.0 branch:
  • Release 0.1.0 of guidelines and assets for CAMARA APIs is available within the release-0.1.0 branch:

For changes see


  • Meetings are held virtually on the LF Platform: Meeting Registration / Join
  • Schedule: bi-weekly, Monday, 4 PM CET/CEST (3 PM BST, 15:00 UTC). The date of the next meeting can be found in the previous meeting minutes.

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