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Number Verification


  • Service APIs for “NumberVerification” (see
  • It provides the customer with the ability to:
    • verify the phone number associated with the SIM used in the device connected to the mobile data network.
  • Describe, develop, document and test the APIs (with 1-2 Telcos)
  • Started: October 2022
  • Location: virtually



  • Sub Project is in progress

Status and released versions

  • Note: Please be aware that the project will have frequent updates to the main branch. There are no compatibility guarantees associated with code in any branch, including main, until a new release is created. For example, changes may be reverted before a release is created. For best results, use the latest available release.
  • The latest available release and version of CAMARA NumberVerification API is 0.3.1. This is the first alpha version of the API. There are bug fixes to be expected and incompatible changes in upcoming releases. It is suitable for implementors, but it is not recommended to use the API with customers in productive environments.
  • Release 0.3.1 of the API is available within the release-0.3.1 branch:

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