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Blockchain Public Address


  • Service APIs for “Blockchain Public Address” (see
  • This API allows to manage a Blockchain Public Address associated to a phone number, i.e. to retrieve the blockchain public address(es) and to bind/unbind a Blockchain Public Address. The Blockchain Public Address is utilized as Decentralized Identifier (DID). With the proposed API, telco service providers have the opportunity to provide 3rd parties with the following capability: pairing phone number with Blockchain Public Address whenever this 3rd party wants to offer its customers a way to make transactions more easily based on the phone number instead of the Blockchain Public Address.
  • Describe, develop, document and test the APIs (with 1-2 Telcos)
  • Started: June 2023
  • Location: virtually


  • Meetings are held virtually
  • Schedule: tbd
  • Meeting link: tbd


  • Sub Project is in progress

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